Mr. Rayaprolu Sarath Babu, was attracted to the highly intellectual and astute method of Amateur Radio - Ham - in a very young age. Fortunately, his relations have visualized the outcome of his hobby and encouraged him to the hilt. Though the hobby started as a past-time hobby, he realized the importance of the Ham and the unlimited resources and communication capability of Ham within a short period. The important thing is that he has not discarded the responsibilities attached to the Ham. Rather, he invited them! Here the real Sarath will come into existence. Sarath - the VU3RSB -the most traveled for promotion of Ham Radio in India , DXer, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services member, Net Organizer, and originator of the few remarkable Nets. 


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        In 2004, As a member joined in Andaman & Nicobar Islands Dxpedition (VU4 Dxpedition) and made more than 16,000 Contacts in SSB  including in PSK & SSTV Mode. (1st time Digital Contacts from Andaman Islands). Later the Expedition turn out to be Tsunami Emergency Communication. Helped the Local People of Islands, Andaman Administration with fellow team members and received World Wide Appreciation from All over the World. The Awards received by Team Leader Mrs.Bharathi, VU2RBI on behalf of team. (VU4NRO/VU3RSB, VU4RBI/VU3RSB)


       In 2006, As a member joined again in Andaman & Nicobar Islands Dxpedition along with the Fellow Dxers from Germany, USA, Italy, France and alone Indian. Its truly Global Friendship from Emerald Islands. (VU4AN/VU3RSB)


       In 2006, As a member joined in Lakshadweep Dxpedition and made more than 12,000 contacts in SSB and RTTY. (VU7LD/VU3RSB)


     In 2008, CQ WW SSB Contest operated with Special Callsign as AU2RSB with Low Power and Single operator Category.


      New IOTA AS-199/P activated with Special Call Sign: AT2RS with the team of 4 members and more details will be available soon.  More info about Nachugunta, Please Click Here Article Available and Please click here.


      New IOTA AS-177 will be activated with special call sign AT9RS with the team of 5 members and more details will be available soon. More info about Grandi, Goa - AS-177 Please Click here.




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